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Paris, Texas

Presented by Helm Gallery

Paris, Texas served as great inspiration for artist Poppy Faun when creating her latest series of paintings, Unbound, which is on show at Helm between 20th February and 3rd March. We now invite you to experience the film, originally released in 1984.

When speaking on her connection to the story Poppy states: “I watched this film for the first time exactly a year ago when I decided to move my artistic practise into painting again. I felt a real connection with this and it inspired me to start my new journey.

It’s a story of grace and forgiveness, loss upon loss…The journey is a quest for reconnection and reconciliation, not just with his abandoned son and missing wife, but for his own fragmented self.

Travis’s departure and eventual return point towards the theme of trauma and the possibility of healing – leading from one thing to another but ending in a form of happiness and sacrifice. He will give them all up again out of his love for them.”

Paris, Texas will be shown in our exhibition hall on the lower ground floor at 3pm on Sunday 25th February. The space is accessed only by a staircase, and there are a number of bathrooms available on the same level. Guests will have access to the bar on the ground floor, and are permitted to bring their own snacks. Spaces are limited, so book your ticket now!

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