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Electric Blue: The Paranoid Feminine

Presented by Electric Blue

Electric Blue presents Jane Campions ‘In The Cut’ a post 9/11 psychological thriller, alongside a series of feminist paranoia infused shorts

Electric Blue presents: In the Cut (2003), a neo-noir erotic thriller by Oscar-winning director Jane Campion. Adapted from the 1995 novel by Susanna Moore, the film marked Campion’s foray into the mainstream Hollywood studio system, having won the Academy Award for The Piano (1993), a decade earlier. Working within the slasher-thriller genre, it boasted A-lister star Meg Ryan, whose career took a nosedive as a result of the explicit sex scenes and some disastrous press appearances. As a result, In the Cut’s reputation has been unfairly maligned; after two decades, it’s finally receiving a much deserved critical reappraisal, with many seeing it as a subversive feminist classic, exploring the female gaze within a male dominated genre.

The first film shot in post-9/11 New York, it oozes paranoia; Electric Blue expands on this theme by presenting a selection of shorts before the main screening that are rife with a feeling of overwhelming anxiety, exploring the dreamlike and surreal. The films will begin with a brief introduction by resident curators, featuring guest curator + researcher Kat Hayletts.

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28th May




The Rose Hill

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Jane Campion

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119 minutes